But first, let’s look at how these meetings usually goes…

You gather your team in the meeting room…

….. everyone’s sitting ’round the conference table.​

You start by drawing some columns on the whiteboard ::: What was good? | What was bad? | What do we want more of?

Then you ask the group to fill in the blanks….

….and after some asking (begging, pleading) on your part, you get a bunch of responses in return.

Problem is these responses tend to be superficial and barely scratch the surface of any actual issues. At a quick glance, they may pass for something constructive, but in reality…. I doubt it.

So instead of finding causes (and coming up with brilliant, awesome ideas), most retrospectives end up with these shallow, easy-to-fix, band-aid solutions.​

And when the meeting is finally over, everyone leaves wondering what the heck it was all about.